Organizational Consciousness – a shortcut to transformation

Organizations are facing huge challenges..

They find themselves in an ever changing and fast moving world. The management logic and systems are outdated: plans, budgets, numbers, prediction & controle doesn‘t work, but are still being enforced.

People feel disengaged, frustrated, not empowered, not appreciated, burned out.

The focus on the creation of shareholder value has led to the exploitation of humans, nature, suppliers and sometimes even customers.

The overall volatility and complexity creates ever more confusion and disorientation enforcing old patterns of looking for security in rigid management systems.

The current focus is merely on more technology, more data and exploitation of humans

While technology, processes and systems have been developed at an incredible speed and effort, little to no focus has been put on the development of what we call personal and organizational mastery. Our capacity to deal with these changes is limited, we feel overwhelmed and start to disconnect ourselves: internally and externaly:
Many organizations are now artificial places, where people behave in a denaturalized and artificial way.

Many problems like the lack of creativity, innovation and engagement are no technical problems. They are mental problems.

People feel isolated and separated.

People feel separated, isolated, alone. This leads to mistrust and an even stronger disconnect between people, functions, business units and to customers.

In this dual thinking of I vs You, We vs Them, leads to mistrust, communication problems, hunting & blaming, fear and cover my ass mentality.

Projects are started to „fix“ that problems: Culture & Value projects: behaviours are defined, people are asked to change their behaviours.

Most of these processes take a lot of effort, long time, and are very linear: they try to establish eg.“trust“ as value. But it can not be asked and prescribed, as trust is the emergent result from the feeling of connectedness.

New organizational models are being explored

Organizations are not delivering results any more: they are too slow, to unflexible and so are the structures and the „old“ industrial paradigm of hierarchy and line of controls and order.

The current state of the art organization development looks basically in the creation and invention of „connected“, „agile“, flexible, sociocratic etc models. Wholeness, purpose-drivenness and self-drivenness are the new underlying principles.

The main focus lies again on „technical“ questions: how to hire people, incentive systems, meeting designs, role descriptions, organizational processes of communication and interaction. The definition of a common core-purpose that connects all parts of the organizations. The definition of common behaviours, values, principles.

These efforts Projects and words fail to reach people on an emotional / spiritual level.

Problems cannot be solved in the same space in which they show up

We think all of that is important to bring new spirits and possibilities into social systems. They help to make something new workable

Nevertheless the solutions are still engineered in the same space in which the problems arise. This is why it takes so long and so much effort with little results so far. We would say: you are looking in the wrong space.

But still they do not adress the underlying problem of the duality and all deep sense of separatedness.

What we need is a transformation of the mind.

Transformation results from a deeper experience and sense of being and connection – we call this organizational consciousness or conscious organizations

„Technical approaches“ are necessesary to make transformation workable. – but a deep sense of connectedness is needed to make it possible. The experience of pure being, awareness and consiciousness on an „individual“ and „collective“ level.

Exploring into consciousness of being and a deep connection is the basic key to developing a culture of trust, understanding, connection, creativity and happiness.

Organizations need consciousness of their own true nature. Stillness of mind, self-exploration and changing the state of mind is also possible on an collective organizational level.

For us this is the most clear and obvious way to look. While many management thinkers are looking for enforced solutions on the „solid“ level of „matter“, they missing out the power coming from the deeper levels of consciousness.

John Hagelin made an interesting point: The deeper you go, the more powerful you get: gaining energy on the surface (coal) versus on the atomic level. The deeper and smaller you go the more energy you release. There is no point to talk to the stone on an „abracadabra“ level: he doesn not even understand you and will not turn into gold. The real powerful transformation work when accessing deeper levels of consciousness.

Results are a function of Being, not of Wanting

While most people and organizations focus on what they want to have and what they have to do, we see this is the direction of thinking.

Life just works the other way round:

We start to realise, that we need to focus on our BEING. That we start DOING differently and our HAVING will be new and changed.

The new tools we need to learn are simple human capacities like meditation, like listening, being, presencing, asking questions. Tapping into the emerging wisdom of the moment. 

Stillness, meditation, inquiry & joint exploration


In a nutshell…




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