Let’s tune the biofield of people and organizations!



“Tuning the human biofield” – I had no idea what this was all about and this is exactly why I went to Eileen McKusick’s talk last year in a San Francisco Conference. Nevertheless it sounded interesting and promising to me. Curious by nature, California is the place to open up to new ventures.

The biofield surrounding our body stores and holds information of our past and present

What I understood is that memories of our lifetime are stored in an electro-magnetic field around our body. Unprocessed and undigested stories and feelings stick in the biofield, they live in isolation as they were departmentalized. They create energy pockets and drain energy instead of nourishing the body. Patterns of sadness, overgiving, overdoing, overthinking, worrying about the future etc., manifested and stored in our field.

We live in our field and oftentimes we are not aware of it. That impacts us, holds us back from taking new steps or causes mental and physical illness, or impairment.

Biofild tuning – a unique non-medical therapeutic method Eileen McKusick started this work 20 years ago and mapped the human biofield. She developed a technique to work in this electro-magnetic field with the use of sound waves, generated by tuning forks.

Biofield Tuning helps restoring stuck energy, becoming more aligned and coherent in our bodies, minds and hearts.

So far so good.

Like individuals, many teams and organizations get stuck in their old patterns and believes Organizations have their path of life as well, with problems, traumas, emotions and their own (cultural) patterns.

We can see organizations as organisms having an energy field as well. We literally can smell it, entering an office: sometimes the energy seems light and bright, sometimes heavy, sticky and anxious. Humans have good intuition and great senses: we read the energy field instantly, nevertheless over time we forgot to cultivate and trust in it. But how can we shift the sticky field?

Can we tune, harmonize and shift the energy field – the morphic field – of organizations and help them moving and transforming faster with less effort? I asked myself and then Eileen and we did it the  American way: let’s try and see what happens!

Eileen, Christian and I decided to give it a try on the spot, more or less. We put one of our big global clients on the “couch” – by intention! – Eileen unpacked her tools (tuning forks of different shape, size and frequency) and started to scan through the field of the organization. By listening to the modulating tone, the strength of the tone, the vibration of the fork and intutitive information she received, she worked her way through the organizations timeline.

She new absolutely nothing about our client, but precisely identified the energy of the founder, traumatic changes during the course of its 80 years of existence up to the present problems the organization is facing. It was stunning. We were delighted with the results, but stayed with the analysis of the field, rather than shifting energy: for this, we would need allowance from the client.

I was thrilled and decided to go to San Diego for a training to learn how to tune the human biofield. It was real fun and I learned many new things and reassured some others.


I put together some useful principles:

Allowing & witnessing “it” instead of forcing change.  Some stories just want to be witnessed and not worked on. The effort to change often triggers more resistance, strengthening the unwanted- being a witness, letting it be, allowing it to be there and waiting for it to move by itsself, instead of forcing it away.

Processing instead of suppressing It is not about getting rid of the “bad” energy: on the contrary, fully acknowledging, integrating and in-taking gets the energy to be digested and transformed into “positive” energy.

Holding the breath: fear and resistance We are suppressing energy – unwanted feelings – by holding the breath and disconnecting.

Energy flows along established pathways We form our believes (mostly under the age of 7) and hold on to them, these believes inform the tone. People honour your believes, such as ..”nobody listens to what I have to say”. People believe their believes more than anything else and these believes create their thinking patterns.

Your believes are your filters – biofield tuning helps to flip the lense Biofield tuning helps to digest, dissolve and integrate these energies – instead of trying to get rid of them, as most of us want it in the first place.

First harmonization, then shifting Often we want to shift a problem right away. Again, this does not work, it grows instead. Harmonization comes first. By sticking with it, in our case, listening to the sound, verbalizing the emotion and waiting until the tone settles down in more harmony (from shrieking, vibrating…)

Giving people full attention is already helpful In this process, people are really seen and fully heard. That itself helps energy to smooth and shift.

“Attention is a form of currency and you get what you paid for”  If you pay a lot of attention to pain, or negative feelings, this is what you get. Your focus and attention energizes whatever you pay attention to: you can energize freedom, happiness, sadness, fear etc. Words as well are very powerful and energizing, often more powerful than we think

The power of clear intention Setting clear intentions is critical in the work with tuning forks. The universe loves boldness 🙂 The sound wave acts as carrier of your intention.

The more grounded and present you are, the more helpful to others Don’t work on other people, when you are absent, weak, stressed and not grounded. Neutralizing own stuff and being a neutral witness to what is happening is most helpful. Staying curious about what`s happening, more then expecting or judging.

Don’t bring home other people’s stuff  Instead of shielding ourselves from other people’s energy, we chanell it, let it pass through us, sending the energy and vibrations into the ground. We do that by being grounded, present and breathing.

Resilience A big part of being healthy and resilient is to keep oursleves healthy and strong. We can’t shield ourselves from the world, therefor we shall not weaken ourselves with stress, smoking, unhealthy foods etc, as we´d become vulnerable to the toxic world.

Using and trusting the body intelligence and intuition Our body is incredibly intelligent and intuitiv. Many thoughts and insights are informed by the body, not by our mind. Most of the time we react or respond first and then we create the corresponding thought. During this work we don’t think but basically language our own body information. We develop trust into our own sensations and without thinking we know what is going on and what the sound informs us about. The sound tells us the story of our client and we just voice it

The holographic body Wherever you work on the body, you always work with the whole body, as it is holographic.

Ethics & responsibility for the practitioner The person you work with is vulnerable, so you have to create a safe containment. The own self-care is important: be well-rested, well fed and emotional stable. Confidentiality is very important.

Self-doubt is a strong interference coming in your way!


My Personal Experience

I love this work and could already help people. It´s so amazing to me, how well I am able to read feelings, emotions and energy with the help of the frequencies (sound). I was in heavy doubt that I could do it in the first place, but this shifted immediately. I even love to use the pendulum now and the more I work with all of it and read about it, the less miraculous it is.

Biofield Tuning is pure physics and very practical, efficient, highly effective and relatively easy to use. Exactly how we like it.

Why not combining biofield tuning with constellation work? 

I continue experimenting to use Eileens precious findings to work on Teams and Systems in the future. Our goal is to help highly needed shifts to happen quicker, smoother and with less effort. In combination with constellation work, this can be a very powerful transformation enhancement.

Instant transformation alert!!




Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy

‪Tuning the Human Biofield with Eileen McKusick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z45jai2mCak

Demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcEj0GIOCTI



PS: some more information, in case you are really interested:

Shock wraps strong emotions like a buffer and lingers in the biofield

Shock has the purpose to keep us functioning, but at the same time it prevents strong emotions to be digested and integrated – so they stay in the field and weaken the mind and body over time – as they stay unsolved.

Organs have different functions, e.g. the kidneys hold shock and fear like you said “stop” at a kid and noone listened to it. Kidneys are related to the ear and hearing function, so hearing impairment can be related to a shock situation as child. “Shock and fear, closes ear”. The shock energy is stuck in the energy field. By harmonizing it with the tone of the tuning fork, this can be healed, the kidneys are relieved, and impairments can move.

Skin problems often relate to the liver – the liver is the seat of consciousness and we try to pacify the liver by sugar, shopping and being busy.

Back problems are often related to the pattern of not receiving enough love and support. and so on.

Use of tuning forks to read, harmonize and shift the energy Tuning forks read the patterns of the waves, given off by the body. They work like a needle on an album. “I am reading how it felt when it happened and not the reflection as an adult. When people have worked a lot on it, it shifts faster & easier”

The sound resonates in a familiar language: it might sound sad, anxious, furious and aggressive or happy. The sound interrupts these patterns

We are listening to areas of resistance related to the misfunctioning of the body. The waves coming off the body are read and modulated with the sound of activated tuning forks.

These audible sounds at the same time read these waves like an EEG and effect the body: diagnosis and fix. The tuning fork serves as an acustic frequency generator.

We are working our way through the biofield, starting at the outer edge (there is a high vibration of energy) and “combing” the way towards the body, harmonizing and shifting stuck energy into the body.

Sound acts magnetic, so it can attract the energy on the way and it sticks to the fork. Therefor it can be combed towards and into the body and be integrated, digested and finally well used.