How to transform traditional hierarchies instantly

Traditional hierarchical/pyramidal organizations are still the prevailing way organizations are being organized. Although many of them are not workable and not delivering the necessary performance and innovation it may be too risky, too difficult or too impossible to change the structure. (Not only) in this case a change of perspective can make a fundamental difference:

switching from an

..traditional Perspective: We do not only envision hierarchies as pyramids from the front perspective, we also describe and operate them as if they would be one. The CEO, the Board, the Management Team at the TOP, the Middle Management in the Middle and so on until we get to DOWN: the workers and “small” employees. Clients and other stakeholders are nowhere to be seen, this is what you would call a closed system.


.. a new perspective: Now we look at the pyramid from above. What do we see? The Top Management transforms into the Core Management situated in the heart of the organization.  The direction of communication and interaction is now INSIDE-OUT – reaching in all directions with a broad interface to the external world like clients, suppliers, partners etc. Like stones thrown into the water, the activities and communications of everybody become Inside-Out activities,  expanding like waves into the whole organization and beyond, with different impact and content.

Without changing anything in the structure, by a mere change of perspective, we are instantly confronted with a total different reality of an organization, followed by different behaviours, implications and results! If you can’t change and don’t want to love or leave a system you can choose this  powerful option: take a new perspective and you will experience a different reality.


For better explanation I produced this small scribble for you, I hope it is more helpful than confusing 🙂